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Altona Dentist Practice

About 90% of Our New Patients are Referred by Family and Friends

Altona Bay Dental Clinic is a high end, affordable dental practice when it comes to family dental care. Our Altona dentist practice has been serving the local community of Altona, North Altona and Altona Meadows in Hobsons Bay and also the areas of Melbourne western suburbs for more than 30 plus years .

Our Altona dentists can provide comprehensive range of dentistry services at our dental clinic like preventive, general, cosmetic and sedation dentistry. Our dentists are well qualified, experienced and are also highly trained in emergency dentistry requirements of today.

Altona dentists are one of the friendliest and family oriented dentists who can provide the best dental care services. We maintain high standards in dentistry for infection control and also provide uncompromising quality of dentistry. Our dental care services are also most affordable.

We also have specialist dentists for wisdom teeth extractions and the removal of tooth. Our specialist dentists have years of knowledge and experience in dentistry. Our root canal dentist or the endodontist will be able to help when you want to keep or preserve the tooth with the right advice and options.

Our general and cosmetic dentists can service all your dental care needs such as toothache or tooth pain, fillings, scale and clean, teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, crowns, dentures and braces. We have one of the best affordable dental implant dentistry methods for all your tooth replacement.

Please call our dentists in Altona or you can visit our Altona dentist clinic to see and experience our dental treatment choices and our costs. Make your decisions based on how our dentists can make dentistry personal for you. We can assure, that you will be getting exceptional value and the best results on your dental treatments.

We always believe in quality, affordability and a positive dental experience with us.

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Flapless surgical guided best implant services, top quality dental implant fixtures and implant abutments at affordable cost in Melbourne.
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Find out about our most effective and efficient teeth whitening systems that are available which does not dehydrate your teeth.
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Teeth that have become decayed or damaged and causing tooth pain may need to be removed. Call our tooth extraction dentists to discuss
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Good variety of denture or plate or false teeth options available at our dental clinic. Discuss your dentures options with our dentist.
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Porcelain or ceramic dental crowns can be used on a damaged tooth. Discuss your affordable crown options with our cosmetic dentist.
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Dental bridges are one of the multiple option for replacing missing teeth. Discuss with our dentist to see your suitability.
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If your tooth are crooked or chipped or having gaps. Our dentists can fix the tooth with simple restorative procedure called dental veneers.
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Modern technology has widened the options available for orthodontic treatments. Consult our dentist to know your braces options.




Preventive Dentistry

Do you know you can prevent most of the dental problems and also save money on costly dental works later? Enjoy pain free good quality life in the long run with the right preventive dentistry practices.


General Dentistry

Do you need a simple general dentist to address your oral hygiene issues? Our general dentists can ensure affordable oral hygiene and tooth health using one of our general dentistry methods.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can be more complex and expensive. It needs careful consideration. We have the right highly trained and experienced cosmetic dentists to provide services and advice for you.


Sedation Dentistry

Do not put off your dental treatments because of a bad experience or fear with the dentists. Our highly trained dentists can offer treatments using the right sedation dentistry methods in a relaxed manner that suits you.

About 90% of Our New Patients are Referred by Family and Friends

Book in a Free Dental Consultation with our dentists to know and understand what we do and how we can resolve your dental issues. You will come to know, why, we are one of the most recommended dentist in Altona by family and friends.

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