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Dental Checkups

Dental Checkups explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: Dental  check up by altona dentist involves a thorough examination of all the teeth, gums, soft tissue in the mouth and the external muscles of the head and neck are palpated.

Caries, wearing of teeth, stains, soft tissue lesions, gum recession, impacted teeth,jaw joint problems which is temporomandibular joint are some of the possible findings which may be noted and explained to you by our dentist.

Our dentist recommends that you get a check up at least every 12 months to keep your oral health at its best.

Finally our dentist will discuss the findings and the possible treatment options and the costs involved with your dental treatments.

If you need any dental checkup treatment done at Altona, please call our Altona Bay Dental Clinic in Altona to book your dental checkups appointment and speak to our qualified preventive dentistry practicing dentists doing dental checkups in Altona

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