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General Dentistry explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: General dentistry is where the dentist are the primary dental care providers for all patients from children to adults. The dentist will treat you and your family to improve your overall oral health.

Your general dentist in Altona takes the responsibility for diagnosis, treatment and the overall services to meet your optimum oral health needs at our dental clinic in Altona. If you need any specialized dental procedure performed, your general dentist at Altona may refer you to other specialist dentists to make sure you get the needed dental care.

All our Altona general dentists are highly educated and trained in all aspects of general dental procedures. Instead of specializing in just one area of dentistry, our general dentist can provide you with plenty of different services for you and your family dental needs. At Altona Bay Dental Clinic we are focused on providing high quality general dentistry treatments such as;


Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction is performed by the dentists when a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay and if it cannot be repaired by the dentists…

Children’s Teeth

Children proper oral hygiene can protect their adult teeth when they are growing. Seek our dentists advice on fluoride and good brushing habits…

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth: Altona dentist provides best wisdom teeth removal at very affordable cost. Our dentists have expertise in wisdom tooth extraction…

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment at Altona dentist is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes badly damaged and infected…


Dentures at Altona dentists are artificial prosthesis replacing one or more missing teeth in the mouth. Dentures can be made using plastic or metal…

Full Denture

Full dentures replaces all the teeth in the mouth. Full dentures are held in by the tissue. Discuss your alternative options to full or complete dentures…

Removable Partial Denture

Removable partial denture is used to be a common procedure for missing teeth and is still used by the dentists as an interim solution to fix a missing teeth…

If you need any general dental treatment done at Altona, please call our Altona Bay Dental Clinic in Altona to book your general dental appointment and speak to our qualified general dentistry practicing dentist doing general dental treatments in Altona.

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