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Dental Veneers explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: Dental Veneers are a thin tooth shaped material that can be cemented over a tooth, similar to an acrylic nail. Veneers can be made from composite resin or porcelain. Composite resin can be done in a single appointment, but it can stain, discolor and chip. Porcelain veneers require two or more appointments, but do not stain and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Dental Veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth, change the shape and position of the teeth, improve the colour of teeth, and create a uniform, white smile. Dental Veneers can be used in the following situation:

  • Too small or large teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshaped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth in the wrong position, e.g. one tooth in front, the other behind chipped or worn teeth

Dental Veneers are custom made for each individual. In some cases no or minimal preparation of teeth is required. Veneers are preferred over a crown when the tooth is a healthy virgin tooth. Veneers are not a permanent solution; they may chip or debond from the teeth.

Dental Veneers usually require two appointments. The initial appointment, x-rays are taken to determine the health of the teeth. Upper and lower moulds are taken to plan how much tooth needs to be reduced.

First appointment with Altona Dentist

Generally no local anesthesia is required. The teeth are slightly shaped and a rubber based mould is taken and sent to local dental lab. The colour is selected by the patient and thedentist at this appointment. Usually no temporary veneers are required, as all the preparations in enamel, therefore no sensitivity.

Second appointment with Altona Dentist

The teeth are cleaned using a special solution, the porcelain veneers are tried in and the patient is asked to approve the veneers. The final bonding is done with permanent cement.

Good oral hygiene, proper brushing will prolong the life of the porcelain veneers. In most cases, a night guard will be provided to protect the veneers while sleeping in cases of clenching or grinding of teeth.

Composite veneers are done chair side in one appointment. Composite resins is shaped onto the tooth and bonded and a special light is used to set the composite resin. This is done in increments and then final polished using special burs and pastes. It is a simple cost effective procedure.

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