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oral surgery

Oral Surgery explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: Oral surgery by dentist altona may include removal of teeth, any lesion in the mouth region.

Extractions are generally performed by a general dentist and the complex extractions and any pathology are referred by our dentist  to a specialists called oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Extractions by our dentist usually involves numbing the concern area and removal of the tooth using forceps and elevators. At times, the bone and the gum need to be cut to remove the tooth and sutured up.

Extractions by our dentist may be done for many reasons but the most common reason is a deep hole in your tooth, which is hurting all the time and cannot be saved for various reasons. Removing a tooth creates a space in the jaw, which may or may not need a replacement.

The general process of taking any tooth by the dentist may include the following:

  • An OPG or a Small x-ray is taken (Periapical radiograph) and assessed for the shape, size, position of the tooth and anatomical structures.
  • Numbing cream (topical anaesthetic) is applied and a local anaesthetic (needle) is given.
  • The area is checked for numbness and the tooth is made loose using various instruments and levied out using a forceps.
  • Gauze is placed in the area.
  • Post operative instructions are given. If necessary, painkillers and antibiotics are given.


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