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in chair teeth whitening

In chair teeth whitening explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: The in chair teeth whitening procedure takes about one hour with our dentist. All the teeth that need to be whitened are isolated using cotton rolls, gauze and retractors by the dentist. Then a special bleach is applied by the dentist and left on for 15 minutes and it is washed off and repeated up to 3 to 4 times. Then a special desensitizing gel is used to help with any sensitivity.

From the moulds that were taken at the initial appointment with the dentist, clear custom bleach trays are fabricated and the dentist will try them on and make sure that the fit is accurate and comfortable. Depending on the teeth whitening system used, the dentist will explain the procedure to be followed at home. Generally, the trays are worn for thirty minutes, with a small amount of gel placed in the trays. The trays will need to be worn until the desired effect is achieved. This will vary from individual to individual. If any sensitivity is experienced, GC tooth mousse can be placed in the trays and worn.

A recall appointment with the dentist will be made to check on the results and an examination will be carried out by the dentists.

If you need any cosmetic dental treatment like the In Chair Teeth Whitening done at Altona, please call our dental clinic in Altona to book your Teeth Whitening dental consultation appointment and speak to our qualified cosmetic dentist doing teeth whitening in Altona

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