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removable partial denture

Removable Partial Dentures explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: In the days gone by, this used to be a common dental procedure and is still used in a lot of people as an interim solution by their dentist, until a definitive treatment plan is decided.

Removable partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth, they are usually held on by other teeth and the gums. Removable partial dentures usually have a small base and are held on with wire clasps on the teeth. Removable partial dentures can be made from acrylic, chrome cobalt (metal) and valplast (flexible plastic).

The plastic denture is usually cost effective and more teeth can be added if anymore is lost. The denture can be repaired for any breakages when they occur. The metal or chrome cobalt dentures is a more comfortable solution, which is not bulky and is of minimal size, but more teeth cannot be added to the denture. Making a denture is relatively straight forward which would involve one to three appointments depending on the patient.

Removal partial dentures can be used as an alternative to a Fixed Bridge

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