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Wisdom teeth extraction by Altona dentist Melbourne, Our dentists have the experience and the knowledge to remove wisdom teeth in Melbourne. We are one of the affordable wisdom teeth removal dental clinic in Melbourne.

Why does the wisdom teeth needs to be extracted by the Altona dentist Melbourne?. Wisdom teeth are the last tooth in the mouth, which usually erupts at the age of eighteen years onward.

The wisdom tooth may need to be removed by the dentist due to lack of space, unfavorable position, pathology and orthodontic reasons. If wisdom tooth aren’t painful and are in a reasonable position, then there is no need for wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth can erupt in a variety of position. Depending on these positions, difficulty might arise during the removal of wisdom teeth. Some wisdom teeth may erupt right behind the second molar causing toothache due to tooth decay. It can also cause gum disease and bone loss. In some cases wisdom teeth may cause the adjacent teeth to collapse and a wisdom teeth removal will be required by the dentist.

If the wisdom tooth are impacted and the soft tissues are covering the wisdom tooth or there is lack of space around the wisdom teeth, this could result in food getting impacted between teeth, therefore leading to periocornitis and a removal of the wisdom tooth is required by the dentist or the dentist will cut around the gums to keep the wisdom tooth area clean.

If the wisdom tooth erupts, but some of the wisdom tooth is still under the bone, then this area will be difficult to keep it clean and an infection can occur causing wisdom tooth pain, therefore the wisdom tooth needs to be extracted by our dentist to stop the tooth hurting you..

If the wisdom tooth is fully in the bone and not erupted, and if there is no pain, then the wisdom tooth removal is not needed and can be left as it is and a regular x-rays needs to be taken, to make sure that no pathology is occurring. If the patient decides, then the wisdom tooth can be removed under general anaesthetic by our dentist.

If you need wisdom teeth removal or tooth extracted at Melbourne, please use our free dental extraction consultation with our dentists to enquire about wisdom tooth extraction costs, you will find our dentist prices on wisdom tooth removal are very affordable. You can schedule your wisdom teeth removal appointment or you can call our dentists to book your wisdom teeth extraction in Melbourne.


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