White Fillings – Composite Resin Restoration

white fillings

Composite resin restoration also called White fillings explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: Composite resins are a type of synthetic resin which is used in dentistry as a restorative material.

The main advantage of composite resin over dental amalgam is the improved aesthesis, which is being white compared to silver. Composite resins comes in different shades, which can be used to match the person’s natural shade of the teeth. Composite resins can be done in a single appointment with our dentist in Altona, with or without local anaesthetics, depending on the individual situation.

The tooth or the tooth cavity for the composite resin restoration are prepared, a bond (glue) is placed, light cured and the composite resin is placed in layers and set by the dentist.

The tooth is restored to its natural integrity, the bite is checked and composite resin is polished using different techniques. Unlike amalgam, which needs retention for the filling to stay in, composite resins are bonded to the tooth, therefore natural teeth aren’t destroyed. Also, the cavity for composite resin is a lot smaller than an amalgam.

The composite resin may take up 50% longer to place on the tooth than amalgam fillings and it is not a cheap dental treatment compared to amalgam fillings and it works out little bit expensive to do the dental treatment with the dentist in Altona.

If you need any Composite resin restoration also called as White fillings dental treatment done at Altona, please call our Altona Bay Dental Clinic in Altona to book your Composite resin restoration appointment and speak to our qualified general dentist doing Composite resin restoration or White fillings in Altona.


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