Altona Dentist – Fluoride Dental Treatments

Fluoride dental treatments explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic dentists in Altona: Fluoride dental treatment is central in any professional dentist recommendation to help maintain or improve patient’s health. Dental fluoride is the most effective agent to help with tooth decay. Dental fluoride is part of our everyday living, but sometimes not concentrated enough to prevent tooth decay in susceptible people.

The Dentist usually recommends in chair dental fluoride treatments for people with

  • Active dental caries
  • Exposed and sensitive root surfaces
  • White spot lesions
  • Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces fo teeth
  • Dry mouth, Xerostomia due to medical conditions, medical treatment or medications
  • During orthodontic dental treatment

Topical dental fluoride works by penetrating into the outer surface of the tooth called enamel making it harder.

For everyday application, the safer option is GC Tooth Mousse, where the main ingredient is calcium and phosphate taken from cow’s milk. GC Tooth Mousse can be used in children under 6 and in patients where additional dental fluoride exposure is desired.

If you need any dental fluoride treatment done at Altona, please call our Altona Bay Dental Clinic in Altona to book your dental fluoride appointment and speak to our qualified preventive dentistry dentist doing dental treatments in Altona


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