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Dental Implants explained by Altona Bay Dental Clinic cosmetic dentists in Altona:

Dental Implant Altona – Several Tooth Missing More than one tooth may be missing in the front or back regions of the mouth, where replacing with a bridge may not be option because lack of teeth or the need to cut virgin teeth. Dental implant by Altona is the only fixed available option. A removable option would be a partial denture, which may lack retention and stability. Dental implants done at Altona will give you a fixed solution, with stability and function, allowing you to have the confidence like natural teeth. Replacing the spaces will improve or preserve the facial appearance and will decrease the bone loss in the jaw.

Steps in placing multiple dental implants with Altona Dentist

Please note there will be a variation in appointments and procedures from patient to patient, and it is done on individual needs.

Appointment one with Altona Dentist
Medical and dental history is discussed with the dentist. A periapical x-ray is taken as a preliminary tool to determine whether an implant can be placed. Patient are referred for 3D scans.

Appointment two with Altona Dentist

3D scans are discussed with the patient. The costs and timing of the procedure is discussed with the patient. Impressions of the upper and lower teeth are taken. The whole procedure is discussed by showing video and visual aids. An appointment is booked for dental implant placement at Altona.

Appointment three with Altona Dentist 
Surgical phase, local anesthetics are given and a small cut is placed in the gum. A pilot hole is placed using a small round drill, then varying lengths of the drills are used to adjust width and length of the area, then dental implants are placed and a stent maybe used. If necessary, bone grafting may also be used. If possible a temporary tooth will be placed. The gums are then sutured up. Antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed.

Appointment four with Altona Dentist
On 3rd day after placement of the dental implants, the patient is reviewed to check for any infection, swelling and pain.

Appointment five with Altona Dentist
Usually after 6 to 8 weeks, a small cut is made and the healing caps are exposed, the implants are checked to see that it had bonded to the bone. The dental implants are exposed and left for a further two weeks.

Appointment six with Altona Dentist
Impressions are taken and sent to the lab to make a bridge.

Appointment seven with Altona Dentist
The bridge is attached to the dental implant. The dentist will discuss with the patient how to take care of the dental implant. Good oral hygiene which includes regular dental checkups, eating habits will aid in the life of your dental implants.

If you need any cosmetic dental treatment like several tooth dental implant done at Altona, please call our dental clinic in altona and book your several tooth dental implant consultation appointment with our qualified cosmetic dentist doing several tooth dental implants in Altona.

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